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This page of the Roots and Tribes website has a distinct WETHERSFIELD, CT focus, primarily centered on the surnames GILLETTE & TRYON. Additional Wethersfield-pertinent links also may be found lower on the page.


Respected genealogical sources state that this particular William Gillette was born in Wethersfield, Connecticut in 1699/1700, the son of John Gillette and Sarah Tryon.

However, clashing with that assertion, family trees have been in circulation for many years among descendants of this William, spreading the tradition that he came into Connecticut as an adult, in 1688. Those stories assert that he had been a clergyman & physician in France before coming to Connecticut.


The William Gillette that we desperately need info on, became a resident of Milford in New Haven County, and married Elizabeth Welch there, in 1722. And we have information on children of theirs, and descendants.

As stated, one crowd believes he was born in Wethersfield in 1699/1700, and the other crowd has him arriving in CT in 1688.

It does seem there was a son by the name of William born to John Gillette/Gillett & Sarah Tryon at Wethersfield in 1699/1700.

We need to find out all we can about him, to ascertain whether or not he really is the William Gillette who married Elizabeth Welch in 1722 in Milford. She was the daughter of Thomas Welch and Elizabeth Peck.

Various researchers of this "Milford" William, and some of his descendants, have him written as mentioned above as "Rev." William Gillette, a clergyman. There is brief mention of him as "Rev. William Gillette, M.D." in a book by L. A. Platts. Some records referred to him as a "Dr." William Gillette, a medical doctor, or a religious one, as in "Doctor of Divinity" which might be written as "Wlliam Gillette, D.D.". Most of those who have received the "Huguenot from France" tradition, have it that he was both a practicing physician and a clergyman, and that in times of religious persecution he was able to visit members of his flock in France using the excuse that he was their visiting doctor. Some have it that he worked also as a blacksmith in Milford, CT in the 1720s.

So, it might be wise to keep an eye out for "blacksmith" and "doctor" and "Rev" when doing research on him.

Researchers also need to distinguish between the towns of "Milford" and "NEW Milford." Milford is in New Haven County. NEW Milford is up in Litchfield County, north of the town of Brookfield and west of Waterbury. Milford, down in New Haven, is sometimes referred to as "old Milford" for clarity, but that is not actually the town's name. Our subject, William Gillette, spent time in both of these towns, so keep your Milfords straight.

The death & burial of William Gillette (husband of Elizabeth Welch) is said by some to have been at Milford, but said by others to have been at NEW Milford.

The research of Flora Clark states "He lived in Milford at least from 1722 to 1756 ... I have he d. Milford June 5, 1780, tho said to have lived to be 92."

Note for future reference the discrepancy of death at 92 with death in 1780 which would have made him 80 years old. Neither of course is compatible with him coming from France as a full grown adult and a minister and physician in 1688.

Most researchers agree that this William Gillette & Elizabeth Welch had the following children:

1. Elizabeth.

2. William (died at age 7 months).

3. Another William, b. ca 1727; mar. 1st. at Milford, Ct., Sept. 7, 1749, Phebe Terrill (or Turrell). Mar. 2nd., Rebecca Wilkinson.

4. Abel.

5. John, b. 7 Mar 1730/31 in MILFORD, baptized on 7 Mar 1731 in First Congregational Society, Milford, married Comfort Plumb of MILFORD on 5 Aug 1753.

6. Elisha (Rev. Elisha Gillette) born August 17, 1733 in Milford.

7. Zebulon, died in infancy.

8. Another Zebulon, born 1737, Married Mary Bryan, died 1810. (Born, lived and died in Milford).

9. Sarah.

A couple of writers for the Seventh Day Baptist denomination briefly mention William as "Rev. William Gillette, M.D." and express having heard that he was a believer in observing the Saturday sabbath, as did the Seventh Day Baptists themselves. Not that he was in the SDB, but that he believed in the sabbath the same way as they.

His son Rev. Elisha Gillette did in fact join and serve in the SDB church. It is quite possible that those SDB writers got their ideas on William from one of Elisha's kin after his death, and possibly got them from the very same source that was the ORIGIN of the "Huguenot from France" story.

Returning to the JOHN GILLETT and his wife Sarah Tryon who were supposedly the PARENTS of William; One source says John was born August 06, 1673 in Windsor, Hartford, CT. Another says 1674. He lived in Wethersfield and on Apr 7, 1697 married Sarah TRYON there as stated. One respected source says John died at Newtown, CT on May 15, 1758. Someone's webpage online says he died July 04, 1699, in Windsor. This same webpage says John's father was John Gillett who married Mary BARBER, and whose father was Jonathan Gillett. But the same source that gives his death in Newton in 1758 gives John's father as Sgt. Jeremiah Gillett (also known as Jeremiah Gillett, Jr.). Two sources, a report titled "Families of Early Milford, Connecticut" by Susan Woodruff Abbott, 1979, and the Daniel Clark Smith Gedcom, online, state that John was born about 1672 and died about 26 Feb 1763, about age 91, and that his wife, Sarah TRYON, was born about 1672 and died on 15 May 1758 in Newtown, Fairfield Co, CT. According to one source the parents of Sarah Tryon were William Tryon and his second wife Mary Steele, and Sarah's siblings by her mother were Ziba, Elizabeth, Mabel, Joseph, David, Thomas, and Abel Tryon, and her half-siblings by her father's first wife were William and Rowland Tryon. But another source states that Sarah Tryon's parents were "William & Saint (Robinson) (Latimer) Tryon."

The children of John Gillett & Sarah Tryon were, according to most sources, 1. Abel, 2. William (our subject), 3. John, 4. Hannah, 5. Sarah, 6. Samuel, 7. Mary, 8. Hope.

Below are more bits and pieces of pertinent Gillette/Wethersfield information others have shared:

The following Wethersfield GILLETT (GILLITT) info is from Jane Devlin's website at

It says:

Wethersfield Town Records, Births, Marriages, Deaths.

The following families are extracted from New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol 15, July 1861, p. 241 & subsequent. RECORDS OF WETHERSFIELD, CT; R. R. Hinman. Mr. Hinman arranged his transcriptions of the original records into family groups. I have extracted the parents & children from those groups. The original wording can be found in the indicated volumes of NEHGR. To provide an idea of the differences between the original transcription and the extract, I'll follow the first family with the way it is found in the Register. Later transcriptions are more terse, and approximate the way I have transcribed. [jd]

GILLITT, JOHN & Sarah, dau. of Wm. Tryan, m. 7 Apr 1697
* Abel, b. 10 Mar 1698
* William, b. 15 Mar 1700
* John, b. 16 Jun 1702
* Hannah, b. 26 Jan 1705
* Sarah, b. 23 Feb 1708
* Samuel, b. 15 Jul 1710

GILLETT, John & Mary, dau. of Jacob WILLIAMS, m. 29 Aug 1727
* Mary, b. 14 Feb 1728
* John, b. 18 Sep 1729
* Sarah, b. 2 May 1731

STODDARD, Elijah & Mabel GILLET m. 5 Dec 1752
* John, b. 17 Apr 1753. d. 24 Feb 1755
* Mary, b. 24 Aug 1755
* Mabel, b. 21 Dec 1757
* Elizabeth, b. 22 Sep 1760, d. 29 Dec 1762
* Elizabeth, b. 22 Jun 1763
* Elijah, b. 18 Jun 1766
* John, b. 23 Sep 1768

(janedevlin (type it without spaces)



Another source states that an "Elizabeth GILLETTE was married to Nathaniel Dickinson, II, who was born 1641 at Wethersfield."



A person named Alfred W. GILLETTE (algille (type it without spaces) posted online in January 1999, "My ancestry includes a number of GILLETTEs in and around Wethersfield. My entire line has been posted in GenServ and is available through their facilities."




Wethersfield, CT Vital Records 1634 - 1868 From the Barbour Collection as found at the CT State Library Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Surname Williams:

Mary, dau Jacob, dec'd., m John GILLETT, Aug 29, 1727, by David Goodrich, J.P.



James Gibbs (jgibbs2540 (type it without spaces) posted online, "I am also researching GILLETTE & TRYON of Wethersfield and the CT River Valley in general. I have a lot on the GILLETTEs but little on TRYON. Who were the parents of Temperance TRYON born in Wethersfield in 1726/27?"

Marilyn Moser (jmoser (type it without spaces) posted this reply to James:

"Temperance Tyron (b. 24 Feb. 1726-27 in ) was the daughter of John Tyron and Elizabeth ___ of Wethersfield, CT. She was the granddaughter of David Tyron (b. 1703) and Hannah Waddams (m. 1698), residents of Glastonbury, and the great grandaughter of William Tyron of Wethersfield. SARAH Tyron, who married JOHN Gillet, and David Tyron were sibblings."



Info supplied 8/23/2000 by Tish Gardner (gardgen (type it without spaces) Subject titled: Re: WETHERSFIELD, CT 1640-1730

Samuel Richardson and Josiah Ellsworth

X 8. Mary b. Nov. 17, 1701; d. 1794; m. John GILLETT Jr., son of John & Saint (Robinson) Gillet
III. Mary Williams bapt. Nov. 17, 1701; d. Apr. 1800; m. John GILLETTE Jr. of Wethersfield

Tish Gardner Boston, MA



Sue Hammond (hammand (type it without spaces) wrote, "I don't know if William is the same one who went to Milford, but I do know that Hannah, daughter of JOHN GILLETT and SARAH TRYON, married Samuel Sanford OF Milford."



The TRYON Family In America

by Wesley TRYON

at says that in

"Stile's History of Wethersfield, page 717, we find this court record: "William TRYON, Inv. (llbs. ) 209-08-08, taked (no date) by Joshua Robbins, Sen., Joseph Belden, Thomas Wells.--Ct. Rec. 7 January 1711-12. Adms. gr. to Capt. James Steele. Joseph and David TRYON now exhibit invtr.--the children of William TRYON chose Capt. James Steele for that office and trust 7 April, 1713. James Steele no exhibit account of his adm.--allowed order to distribute to Joseph TRYON, to David, to Thomas, to Abell, to Zybah, to Abial, to Sarah GILLITT, eldest dau., to Elizabeth Hill, to Mabel TRYON, 4 Aug. 1712."

and says,

"SARAH TRYON 2.1c, first daughter of William TRYON 1.1 and Mary (Steele) TRYON, was born at Wethersfield, Conn., about 1675. She married JOHN GILLITT, son of Sgt. Jeremiah GILLITT and Deborah (Bartlett) GILLITT, at Wethersfield on Apr. 7, 1697, by Rev. Stephen Mix. John was born about 1673, and was baptized July 20, 1712. Sarah died at Newton, Conn., May 15, 1758, aged 83 years. John died between Feb. 26, 1763, and Feb. 2, 1770, date of his will and probate. There were eight children:
Abel GILLITT 3.3a,
William GILLITT 3.3b,
John GILLITT 3.3c,
Hannah GILLITT 3.3d,
Sarah GILLITT 3.3e,
Samuel GILLITT 3.3f,
Mary GILLITT 3.3g,
Hope GILLITT 3.3h."

and says

"ABEL GILLITT 3.3a, first son of SARAH (TRYON) GILLITT 2.1c and JOHN GILLITT, was born at Wethersfield, Conn., Mar. 10, 1698, and was baptized on Mar. 13th. He married Sarah Kimberly, daughter of Abraham Kimberly and Abigail (Adams) Kimberly, in 1722. No record of children. Sarah later married second, Joseph Prindle.

WILLIAM GILLITT 3.3b, second son of SARAH (TRYON) GILLITT 2.1c and JOHN GILLITT, was born at Wethersfield, Conn., Mar. 15, 1700, and was baptized on Mar. 17th.

JOHN GILLITT 3.3c, third son of SARAH (TRYON) GILLITT 2.1c and JOHN GILLITT, was born at Wethersfield, Conn., June 16, 1702, and was baptized on June 21st, 1707. He married Mary Williams, daughter of Jacob Williams and Sarah (Gilbert) Williams, Aug. 29, 1727. He died at Canaan, Conn., Feb. 29, 1764, and she died in 1800. There were eight children:

Mary GILLITT 4.19a,
John GILLITT 4.19b,
Sarah GILLITT 4.19c,
Anne GILLITT 4.19d,
Abigail GILLITT 4.19e,
Elizabeth GILLITT 4.19f,
Hannah GILLITT 4.19g,
Hezekiah GILLITT 4.19h.

HANNAH GILLITT 3.3d, first daughter of SARAH (TRYON) GILLITT 2.1c and JOHN GILLITT, was born at Wethersfield, Conn., Jan. 26, 1705, and was baptized on Jan. 28th. She married Samuel Sanford, June 16, 1731.

SARAH GILLITT 3.3e, second daughter of SARAH (TRYON) GILLITT 2.1c and JOHN GILLITT, was born at Wethersfield, Conn., Feb. 23, 1708, and was baptized on Feb. 29th. She married Joseph Sommers, date not known. He was born in 1695 and died in 1767, aged 72 years.

SAMUEL GILLITT 3.3f, fourth son of SARAH (TRYON) GILLITT 2.1c and JOHN GILLITT, was born in Wethersfield, Conn., July 15, 1710, and was baptized the next day, July 16th.

"MARY GILLITT 3.3g, third daughter of SARAH (TRYON) GILLITT 2.1c and JOHN GILLITT, was born at Wethersfield, Conn., Sept. 5, 1714, and was baptized the same day. She married first, John Ferris, date unknown, and second, Lieut. Samuel Griffin, also date unknown. She died at Newton, Conn., in 1773, age 59 years.

"HOPE GILLITT 3.3h, fourth daughter of SARAH (TRYON) GILLITT 2.1c and JOHN GILLITT, was born at Wethersfield, Conn., Mar. 30, 1717. She married first, Mr. Groves, and second, Mr. Burns."



Kathi Donald posted online that she was looking for info on a line that included

"JOHN b. 1672 sp. SARAH TRYON"

Ron GILLETT replied to her post, saying,

"Kathi ~ I have some data on JOHN, but mostly land transactions. I have John GILLETT dying at Newton, CT on 6 Dec 1769 at age 95. Married at Wethersfield, CT 7 Apr 1697 to SARAH TRYON, daughter of William & Saint (Robinson) (Latimer) TRYON. Sarah died at Newton, CT on 15 May 1758 at age of 86. John was baptized as an adult and owned the Covenant at Wethersfield, 20 Jul 1712. Hence, like the proven children of Jeremiah, he was not baptized in infancy. John's will was dated Feb. 26, 1763, and proved at Newton Feb. 6, 1770 (Danbury Probate records). Lands belonging to John GILLETT were entered in Wethersfield Jul 12, 1703, one being a piece purchased of David TRYON, his brother in law, by deed of Nov. 30, 1702, and the other, 10 acres laid out to John Kilburn. He sold to James Peterson the Kilburn 10 acres, May 2, 1718 (Wethersfield Deeds, 3:76; 4:23, 232).

"On Nov. 2, 1717, Samuel Sanford of Milford sold to John GILLETT of Newton, part of a 60 acre plot. John conveyed to his oldest son Abel, 4 acres on Mar 23, 1722. On Feb. 17, 1742-3, Job and Mabel Northrup of Newton conveyed to John Northrup land "at the easterly end of our Grandfather John Gillets twenty acres" which came to them "by way of portion from our honored father Abel Gillet". (Newton Deeds, 2:269, 271; 5:46, 297; 6:66).

"John deeded to his son Samuel on Mar. 23, 1753. On Jan. 23, 1756, John sold to his son William of Milford, 12 acres at the Crombury Pond. And on Dec. 29, 1769, William GILLETT of "Huntgton", Suffolk Co., NY, conveyed to "my son Abel GILLETT" of New Milford, Conn., land at "Cold Spring or Crombery Pond" (6:242, 489; 7:427). The above deeds prove that he was a son of John of Newton. John GILLETT father and Samuel his son of Newton conveyed together, Apr., 17, 1760 (7:319)."



The TRYON-L Archives


had a post

From: Janet Johnson (jannyj (type it without spaces) Subject: Sarah TRYON c.1650 Wethersfield,CT Date: 17 Apr 1998

I ... have recently discovered SARAH TRYON married to JOHN GILLETT. I come through Sarah GILLETT m. Steven Andrews in 1673. I know that the Andrews and GILLETTS were neighbors in Wethersfield (Glastonbury) CT but am hoping to find Sarahs parents. One clue might be SARAH TRYON married to JOHN GILLETT. Anyone have any ideas, clues?

Thanks, Jan in Oregon

and a reply as follows was at

From: Don TRYON (deTRYON (type it without spaces) Subject: Re: Sarah TRYON c.1650 Wethersfield,CT Date: 17 Apr 1998


Have a visit to The TRYON-Union at and you'll find your Sarah TRYON b. 1675 and m. to John GILLITT, 4 Apr 1697. This is likely all we have in the db but there are about 5 generations of the descendants of John GILLITT which I could send to you as GEDCOM or PAF2 or 3 along with the few of Sarah's siblings and ancestors of whom we know.

You may wish to contact Robert V. Gillett (rgillett (type it without spaces) who was in touch with us last year.

If we can help with anything else, feel free to write.





William TRYON Jr. (William, #3848) was born in 1645 in Bibury, England. He married Mary Steele (see #1925), daughter of Samuel Steele and Mary Boosey, in 1670 in Connecticut. He married Sarah Saint Robinson after 1688. He died on October 12, 1711 in Wethersfield, Connecticut.

He immigrated before 1670 to America. He lived circa 1670 in Hartford, Connecticut. He lived between 1678 and 1682 in Middletown, Connecticut.

Children of William TRYON Jr. and Mary Steele (see #1925) all born at Wethersfield, Connecticut, were as follows:

i. Joseph TRYON; born 1670; married Lydia Bird December 5, 1691 in Glastonbury, Connecticut; died April 4, 1736 in Glastonbury, CT.

ii. David TRYON; born 1672/73; married Hannah Waddens August 25, 1698; died before December 23, 1730 in Wethersfield, Connecticut.

iii. Sarah TRYON; born 1675; married John GILLITT April 7, 1697 in Wethersfield, Connecticut; died May 15, 1758 in Newton, Connecticut.

iv. Thomas TRYON; married Abigail; born 1678.

962 v. Abel TRYON.

vi. Ziba TRYON; born 1684; married Dorothy Baldwin September 2, 1708 in Wethersfield, CT; died December 26, 1753 in New Fairfield, Connecticut.

vii. Elizabeth TRYON; born 1686; married Joseph Hills Jr. June 10, 1708 in Glastonbury, CT.

viii. Mabel TRYON; born 1687/88; married Thomas Miller Jr. November 19, 1714 in Wethersfield, CT.



On 9/1/04

had the ancestry of Harold M. Walden, including the following:

996. John GILLETT-8126 was born about 1672 in Wethersfield, Hartford, Ct. He died before 6 Feb 1770 in Newtown, Fairfield, Ct. He married Sarah TRYON-8127 on 7 Apr 1697 in Wethersfield, Hartford, Ct. [Parents]

Families of Early Milford, Conn. by Susan Woodruff Abbott; died between 26 Feb 1763 (will) and 6 Feb 1770 (probate). Removed to Newtown about 1716. Proof of family found in land records of Newtown.;

997. Sarah TRYON-8127 was born in 1675 in Wethersfield, Hartford, Ct. She died on 15 May 1758 in Newtown, Fairfield, Ct. [Parents]

Families of Early Milford, Conn. by Susan Woodruff Abbott; Birth:Ancestral File, TRYON01, 12/9/91; The Early TRYON, Jones, Harris and Lay Families of Saybrook, Conn., 1952 by James William Hooks;


Clicking on Child went to

which had

498. Samuel GILLETTE-8026 was born on 15 Jul 1710 in Wethersfield, Hartford, Ct. He was christened on 16 Jul 1710 in Wethersfield, Hartford, Ct. He died before 16 Apr 1795 in Newtown, Fairfield, Ct. He married Eunice Clark-8027 on 23 Apr 1746 in Newtown, Fairfield, Ct. [Parents]

Early Fairchilds in America and their Descendants, compiled by Jean Fairchild Gilmore; Families of Early Milford, Conn. by Susan Woodruff Abbott; Mary & John, Vol. 13, page 68;His will:12 feb 1781, proved, 8 Feb 1802; Marr. Early Connecticut Marriages prior to 1800, by Frederick Bailey;

The above site said "These pages by

Harold M. Walden 30214 Briarcrest Drive Georgetown, TX 78628-1149

(hmwalden (type it without spaces) Tel: (512) 863-8678�


Gayle posted on 5/2/05,

"I have Sarah TRYON as the daughter of William TRYON and Mary Steele. She married John GILLITT/GILLETT, son of Sgt Jeremiah GILLITT/GILLETT and Deborah Bartlett, 7 April 1697 by Rev. Stephen Mix. Sarah died at Newton, CT 15 May 1758 aged 83 yrs. John died between 26 Feb 1763 and 2 Feb 1770--date of his will and probate. They had eight children. William was the 2nd son b. 15 March 1700 Wethersfield, CT and was baptized 17 March."




Descendants of Henry Summers

1. Henry1 Summers was born Abt. 1605 in England, and died November 02, 1675. He married (1) UNKNOWN Bef. 1646. He married (2) Mabel Kendall November 21, 1660 in Woburn, CT. She was born Abt. 1605 in England, and died 1680.

3. Henry2 Summers (Henry1) was born Bef. 1648 in England, and died September 01, 1713 in Milford, New Haven, Connecticut. He married (1) Mary Holbrook in Milford, Ct, daughter of Richard Holbrook and Agnes. She was born March 17, 1654/55 in , , CT. He married (2) Sarah Gregory 1668 in Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT, daughter of Judah Gregory and Sarah Burt. She was born Abt. 1644 in Stratford, Fairfield Co, CT, and died 1695.

6. Joseph3 Summers (Henry2, Henry1) was born March 24, 1694/95 in Stratford, , CT, and died Abt. 1769. He married Sarah GILLETT March 04, 1729/30, daughter of John GILLETT and Sarah TRYON. She was born February 23, 1707/08 in Wethersfield, Hartford, Ct.
Children of Joseph Summers and Sarah GILLETT are:
i. Sarah4 Summers , b. January 05, 1730/31.
ii. Joseph Summers , d. August 27, 1779.
iii. Henry Summers , d. May 18, 1799; m. Sarah GILLETT; b. June 30, 1731; d. August 01, 1804, Milford, Ct.
iv. Abel Summers , b. July 22, 1737.

Page by (jlaros (type it with spaces removed)





4. John3 GILLETT (Jonathan2, Rev William1 GYLETTE)1 was born October 05, 1644 in Windsor, Hartford, CT, and died November 1682 in Windsor, Hartford, CT. He married Mary Mercy Barber July 08, 1669 in Windsor, Hartford, CT, daughter of Thomas Barber and Jane Coggin. She was born October 12, 1651 in Windsor, Hartford, CT, and died December 31, 1725 in Suffield, CT.

Children of John GILLETT and Mary Barber are:
i. Thomas4 GILLETT, b. January 07, 1670/71, Windsor, Hartford, CT; d. Abt. 1675, Windsor, Hartford, CT.
ii. JOHN GILLETT, b. August 06, 1673, Windsor, Hartford, CT; d. July 04, 1699, Windsor, Hartford, CT; m. SARAH TRYON, April 07, 1697, Weathersfield, Hartford, CT.
iii. Samuel GILLETT, b. February 16, 1677/78, Windsor, Hartford, CT; d. Abt. 1738, Granville, MA.
iv. Benjamin GILLETT, b. October 03, 1680, Windsor, Hartford, CT.
v. Nathaniel GILLETT, b. October 03, 1680.
vi. Mercy Mary GILLETT, b. January 31, 1682/83; m. Sergt Jacob Adams, December 24, 1702, Suffield, Hartford, CT.
vii. Thomas GILLETT, b. July 18, 1776, Windsor, Hartford, CT; d. June 11, 1708, Suffield, CT; m. (1) Hannah Clark; m. (2) Martha Mills, November 21, 1700, Windsor, Hartford, CT.

Pages by

Dale Edward Underwood

1230 - 4th Street West

Kalispell, MT 59901


(frdmyrdu (type it with spaces removed)


If you are interested in helping with any clues whatsoever, we urge you to use the "CONTACT" link below and write to us.












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